I would like to see this application on Windows Phone ...

A Real Facebook App

The best phone OS deserves the best Facebook App. The current app is a joke and the integrated functionality in the OS is not as robust as an app.

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    Brian Murphy shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Mat Duk commented  · 

        A year later, still needs a lot of work.

      • denni2579 commented  · 

        Version 2.3:
        1. Landscape keyboards, views, etc.
        2. Delete/Edit comments
        3. Save pictures to phone
        4. Be able to click on links posted on my homepage. [Links to newspaper articles etc etc]
        5. See Friends' Friends list
        6. Scrolling is still jumpy and stutters during long lists

      • johnnyd commented  · 

        The new app is a step in the right direction, but everything Marc mentions below is true. In all honsety, WP is supposed to have Facebook "baked in", but it doesn't work very well. It seems to be treated as a 3rd party or something... Sometimes I don't see my friend's posts in the "what's new" section (I assume it's a privacy setting issue on their profile). Also there's no capability to like comments on posts.. If implemented properly, this could be a major advantage to iOS ... but it needs to be rock solid.

      • Marc commented  · 

        But still no likes on comments, no friends of a friend list, no timeline, no settings, no deletion of updates... At least you can view groups and the list of people who liked a comment now...

      • Brian Murphy commented  · 

        The update to the Facebook app on Windows Phone is a step in the right direction but a far cry from the capabilities and function of the app on other platforms. Keep the votes coming until the Windows Phone platform is no longer considered a non-start by the likes of Facebook staff.

      • Andy Kaufman commented  · 

        I run a Page on Facebook and cannot post as my Page with the app. I can post comments. It also will not allow you to post pictures, chat is slow to notify of comments as well. They would be better off having Facebook produce one like the iOS and Android versions which are not perfect either but much better than Microsofts. A Messenger app would improve the chat integration.

      • ponticelli commented  · 

        No sound push with an incoming message, no possibility about attaching images or photos in a msg on any group or on a friend's wall....why????? Android is ok!

      • katakulli commented  · 

        i don't understand how this can be the "biggest flaw of the phone" ? the official one gets the job 90% done and if someone needs more just set the browsers setting to desktopview, open facebook.com and get the 10% rest of it.

        i don't even have the app for a few months now and personally for me the people hubs "whats new" and ability to chat are more than enough.

      • aznauri commented  · 


      • Nugzar Kotua commented  · 

        People want good app for Facebook, maybe it will be more closer to a facebook internet site... i think that the best app for facebook is on android; but this operating system not good

      • Pipo De Jesus commented  · 

        This will definitely get my three votes! The official facebook app is pathetic even if it's beautiful. Come on microsoft, you did integrate FB in your OS but this does not merit that the app should be left to rust! Tell clarity consulting to coordinate with Facebook so timely updates can be done. Facebook app on iOS and Android already supports Timeline just in time as it was officially deployed by Facebook. But what happens to Windows Phone, none! Even if people would say there's no real value in facebook app, people are using this and is a benchmark app for ANY mobile OS and if you can't do a decent job for this, then a negative point for your OS. I love Windows Phone and would never give it up for any OS but do something about THIS app.

      • Albin Gustavsson commented  · 

        The Facebook app is one of the first apps many people will download. You would expect Microsoft to want users to be met with a good customer experience in the app.

      • cruisezero commented  · 

        Instead of facebbok app just collaborate with Facebook and integrate it in OS itself so that there is no need for an app. OR i guess make the app better. I would like first option though.

      • Chris commented  · 

        Gawd Facebook. Vote for something which has more value.

      • Kai Sheng commented  · 

        A actual Facebook app is needed. The built-in Facebook into People hub should be light-weight and simple because the People hub already connected with so many other services and heck, it would get more confusing if it include the entire Facebook features. And I certainly do not want to see a "Facebook app" appear on my People hub. Facebook app on the other hand should be full-featured like any other Facebook app on Android and iPhone.

        Clarity Consulting/Microsoft should hand Facebook app back to Facebook or at least collaborate more closely.

      • Luis Camino commented  · 

        we don't need an official app that takes full advantage of the OS and Facebook features, we need ALL of the Facebook features integrated in the OS. it's the WP philosophy! how hard can it be!

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